RES4BUILD was represented by Dr. George Kosmadakis at an event organised on 14 July 2022 within the 57th Summer School of NCSRD. A presentation titled “Energy savings with heat pumps” was given to an audience of students, researches, industry representatives and innovation office staff. The overall session dealt with: LNG as an energy carrier, Solar thermal energy: production and storage, Hydrogen as an energy vector, Energy from nuclear fission, and Energy from nuclear fusion.

An overview of the technological status of the project activity was provided, followed by some insights of the future potential, both in terms of research priorities and market related aspects.The event recording is available online, with the presentation of Dr. Kosmadakis starting around 2:33:20.

Event recording:

Smaller groups of participants then visited the RES4BUILD pilot site. The tour of the system was given by a RES4BUILD team member of NCSRD, Mr. George Meramveliotakis, who presented the main components and described to the visitors the functioning and main purpose.

For more information on the work of NCSRD in the RES4BUILD project, please visit the website results page. Some publications related to this work have already been listed and are also available on the project's Zenodo community page. One linked entry "Numerical model of an integrated energy system at the building level, focusing on the thermal network" has been added to the Horizon Results Platform.


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