The RES4BUILD project has put together an ambitious list of deliverables in order to ensure the project exceeds and surpasses its expected results. The below listed deliverables will be made public and may be of interest once published.

Work Package 2
D2.4 Report on the testing of the integrated heat pump - DTI

Work Package 4
D4.1 Results from regional IES good practice assessment in Poland and the Netherlands - JIN
D4.2 Results and lessons from IES co-design case studies in Poland and in The Netherlands - JIN
D4.3 Report on possible modalities for local building upgrading teams - JIN
D4.4 Report on regional co-design event / workshop - JIN

Work Package 5
D5.4 Report on the full test results and validation - NCSRD

Work Package 6
D6.1 Technology fact sheets, including technological, environmental and economic key values - USTUTT
D6.2 Integrated environmental and economic assessment - USTUTT
D6.3 Validation of the simulation platform - VITO

Work Package 7
D7.1 Report on the European Buildings models and the benefits that can be achieved - ARUP
D7.2 Market Analysis – Report on the regulatory analysis, the market rules and the business models - ARUP

Work Package 8
D8.3 Portfolio of Dissemination Resources and Tools - INTRIGO
D8.5 Knowledge Transfer Key Achievement Booklet - INTRIGO

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