The configuration and design of the multi-source vapour injection heat pump, one of the main components of the RES4BUILD concept, has been finalised. This vapour-injection heat pump is supplied with heat either from the outside air, from PVT collectors or from the ground, using the most optimal. The control unit of the low-GWP refrigerant, R1234ze(E), is designed in a way to allow communication with the RES4BUILD building energy management system (BEMS). A Greek Supplier (Kontes S.A.) along with Honeywell supported the heat pump activities of RES4BUILD by providing at no cost the required quantity of refrigerant R1234ze(Ε) to Psyctotherm.

The heat pump has been manufactured by RES4BUILD partners Psyctotherm and installed at NCSR Demokritos for lab tests and characterisation, with initial tests reaching a coefficient of performance (COP) of over 5. Once the tests are completed, it will be shipped from Greece to DTI in Denmark for further tests, and to become a valuable part of the pilot system which will be tested for one year at a later stage of the project.

For more information on the integrated system, please see:

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