This report provides the specifications defined for the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Economics (LCE) on the technologies investigated in Work Package 2 (WP2 - Development of the innovative technology components) of RES4BUILD. A summary on the specifications and results for both assessment methods is provided in this report and will be separated for each technology later in the project. 

The specifications for the LCA refer to EN ISO 14044 and ISO 14040 standards, while the specification on the economic assessment (LCE) refer to VDI 2885 and VDI 2067 guidelines. The created information for the factsheets correspond to the photovoltaic-thermal collector (PVT) developed by MG Sustainable Engineering, the magneto-caloric heat pump (MCHP) by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and the vapour compression heat pump (VCHP) developed by PSYCTOTHERM.

The presented information for the factsheets relates to the construction or structural composition of the technologies (in LCA: modules A1-A3 for manufacture, module C for disposal and module D for credits and benefits after the end-of-life). Information and results from the assessment of the usestage (in LCA: module B) of the technologies is currently under study. Related results will be included later in D6.2 – Integrated environmental and economic assessment and in the updated versions of the

As such, the definition of LCA and LCE specifications still contain an amount of uncertainty, depending highly on the technology development throughout the project, data availability and data consistency.

For the full report visit and search for D6.1.

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