WP1 Project management and coordination

Lead: Michael Papapetrou (WIP)


  • - Efficient management ensuring progress in-line with the budget & schedule.
  • - Risk management & overall strategic project guidance.
  • - Project administration, fulfilling all contractual & reporting obligations.
  • - Build & maintain effective communication channels within the consortium.

WP2 Development of the innovative technology components

Lead: Kurt EngelbrechtChristian Bahl, Marvin Masche (DTU)


  • - Develop innovative technologies & improve their performance.
  • - Adapt them for use in the RES4BUILD system.
  • - Develop prototypes of the improved components & characterise them.
  • - Validate their models.

WP3 Integrated generation, storage and flexibility management

Lead: Gowri Suryanarayana, Georg Jung, Johan Van Bael, Davy Geysen (VITO)


  • - Develop a system numerical model with energy generation & storage technologies.
  • - Develop grey-box models for the dynamic thermal behaviour of buildings.
  • - Develop Energy Management Strategies to determine the optimal control.
  • - Develop simulation platform to balance passive measures & active flexibility control.

WP4 Co-design of integrated energy systems

Lead: Wytze van der Gaast, Eise Spijker, Erwin Hofman (JIN)


  • - Pilot a co-design process for developing IES in buildings.
  • - Engage end users from real buildings
  • - Introduce their needs in the IES design process.
  • - Initiate the set-up of regional ‘building upgrading teams’ with local market actors.

WP5 Design and testing of the prototype systems

Lead: Georgios Kosmadakis, Marika Pilou (NCSRD)


  • - Design & fine-tune the prototype BEMS.
  • - Design & produce the prototype RES4BUILD components & full systems.
  • - Test the prototype systems & evaluate the developed technologies.

WP6 Life cycle analysis and validation of the platform

Lead: Michael Jäger, Olivia Jorgji, Rafael Horn (USTUTT)


  • - Perform environmental & economic assessments on the technologies & systems.
  • - Decision support for development processes & guidance for strategic decisions.
  • - Provide LCA models & consistent economic models for simulations & co-development.
  • - Validate the simulation platform using the performance data.

WP7 Impact assessment, market analysis and business models

Lead: John Burgess, John Smyth, Christa de Vaan (Arup)


  • - Assess the potential impact of the project through advanced building models.
  • - Conduct a detailed regulatory & market analysis.
  • - Develop business models for the optimal use of the system.

WP8 Communication, dissemination and knowledge transfer/exploitation

Lead: Eva Greene (ERINN)


  • - Promote the project activities & results beyond the consortium.
  • - Ensure efficient data & knowledge management, facilitating open access.
  • - Ensure suitable IP management strategies & processes are applied.
  • - Capture key messages & outcomes for active knowledge transfer to key target users.