The RES4BUILD project aims to mitigate Global Warming Potential in the built environment through renewable energy systems. As part of the project, an Integrated Energy System (IES) was developed from multiple innovative components, using advanced numerical tools to optimize both the design and use of the integral system. Intense collaboration with end-users is used to assess the applicability of the system as a whole and their components, preparing for smooth market adaptation.

Task 7.2 ‘Market analysis and business models’ analyses 8 specific potential markets in the EU to enhance adaptation and prepare for business cases to assure optimal use of the system in each target market. Through this, the outcomes of Task 7.1 - in which simulations show the possible technical GWP reduction impact of system implementation, are placed into perspective. These provide an indication of which markets are more or less applicable for the system as a whole and which are most feasible to prioritize.

The previous outcomes of the RES4BUILD deliverables were assessed through the lens of a Business Model Canvas. For each system, the extent to which the technology is applicable and what gaps need to be planned for during the roadmap (D7.3 phase) are identified in order to meet with market expectations while complying with the user needs. The systems are mapped per country, showing their applicability based on the capacity needs and renewable generation capacities. Applying these bespoke conclusions to the previous outcomes of T7.1, shows that enhanced performance is possible, while considering operational and embodied carbon for these systems.

The full report (D7.2) is available here:

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