March 13, 2020
RES4BUILD in Four Short Videos

Questions about the RES4BUILD project? These four shorter edits of the explanatory video might give a quick insight into different aspects of the project.

March 12, 2020
New Introductory Video - What is the Project About?

A new explanatory video introducing the RES4BUILD project, its aims, technologies and expected impacts has now been released.

March 9, 2020
Greening Real Estate in the Dutch Health Care Sector

Eise Spijker, from RES4BUILD partners JIN Climate and Sustainability, has published an article in their newsletter detailing the ongoing project work they are organising.

Jan. 22, 2020
RES4BUILD Project Deliverables

The RES4BUILD project has put together an ambitious list of deliverables in order to ensure the project exceeds and surpasses its expected results.

Jan. 22, 2020
Interview with Project Coordinator, Michael Papapetrou

Michael is a physicist with post-graduate studies in technical and policy aspects of the energy field. He has over 15 years professional experience as a senior project manager.

Jan. 9, 2020
RES4BUILD and the Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Developments (SDGs) were adopted by all UN Member States in 2015 as the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for everyone.

Dec. 17, 2019
RES4BUILD and the EU Green Deal

The European Commission, in December 2019, announced the European Green Deal in its bid to become the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

Dec. 5, 2019
Project Factsheet Now Available

An introductory factsheet introducing the project has been developed. Please see the results page for more information, or download the factsheet here.

Dec. 4, 2019
RES4BUILD to Drive Decarbonisation of Energy Usage in Europe’s Buildings

Decarbonising energy consumption in buildings is essential to achieve EU energy and climate goals, but the uptake of renewable energy solutions for heating and cooling has been slow. 

Oct. 30, 2019
Establishment of the BE Horizons Group

RES4BUILD have joined forces with eight other H2020 projects working with renewable energy in buildings and have formed a cluster called “Building Energy Horizons” to all benefit from collaborative activities.