On 20th March 2023 Baltic Energy Conservation Agency (BAPE) in cooperation with the Voivod Fund for Environmental Protection in Gdańsk and National Association “Respect for Energy and the Environment” organized a regional event on "Renewable energy for low-energy buildings in future energy systems" summarizing the achievements of RES4BUILD project.

During the meeting currently available financial instruments supporting investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources were presented. Moreover, BAPE speakers presented the main achievements of RES4BUILD project such as innovative technologies developed and results of case studies analyzing IES in Poland. Attention was drawn to the need of energy efficiency improvement in buildings, that should be performed prior to investments in RES. Barriers hindering the implementation of IES were indicated. It was emphasized that there are rather no technical obstacles to thermal renovation and introduction of integrated RES systems. The barriers that may significantly disrupt or even prevent energy transformation processes relate to financial and socio-organizational environment. Therefore, taking into account organizational and social aspects should be a good practice for effective action.

The last presentation was devoted to experiences with implementation of IES in multi-family buildings. Representatives of the company that develops such projects also underlined the importance of the co-design process and proper communication between stakeholders.

Discussion with the participants included issues such as:
1.    Thermal renovation and IES implementation
2.    Conditions of joint financing of thermal renovation and RES
3.    Technical and economic conditions of heat and energy storage
4.    Social and organizational aspects of project implementation

A brochure „IES in multi-family buildings – heat pumps and PV” was distributed among the participants. There were over 60 attendees representing local governments, energy consultants, real estate administrators and contractors.

The brochure is available on the results page: www.res4build.eu/results


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