The European Green Deal aims to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. As energy production and use account for more than 75% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. To date, Europe has made significant progress in decarbonising its electricity production. But progress has been slower in other sectors and for other forms of energy (gas, liquid fuels, heat), and fossil fuels remain predominantly used in transport, industry, buildings and agriculture.

As announced in the Commission Work Programme for 2020, the Commission will present a strategy for smart sector integration for a future integrated European energy system by June 2020.

In preparation of this strategy, the Commission is seeking input from all stakeholders and EU citizens.

You can participate in various ways.

  1. Online contributions: All stakeholders and citizens are invited to provide feedback on the ‘roadmap’ for the development of the strategy, through the Commission’s ‘Have Your Say’ website. This online option will run for 4 weeks.
  2. Direct contributions: All stakeholders and citizens are also invited to send contributions directly via e-mail to by 6 May to contribute to the elaboration on the strategy. Questions to address can be found here.

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