Over the last four years the RES4BUILD team has been working hard to support the transition to a clean energy future, developing integrated renewable energy-based solutions and tailoring them to the needs of users and installers. The project aimed to increase the uptake of such solutions for heating and cooling in buildings.

This involved improving the performance and reducing costs of the most innovative components of the RES4BUILD solutions, including magnetocaloric and vapour compression heat pump technologies, PV/T collectors, borehole thermal energy storage and building energy management systems.

In parallel to the technical work, partners collaborated with end-users and other stakeholders in the Netherlands and Poland to explore the needs and challenges with respect to decision making and implementation of integrated energy systems in their building(s). This, together with a full life-cycle impact assessment of the integrated RES4BUILD energy system, and a market review, aims to pave the route to market for integrated energy systems.

The results are very encouraging, and we expect that in a refurbished multifamily building the RES4BUILD systems could deliver a significant reduction of CO2 emissions compared to traditional solutions.

The booklet contain some of the key achievements and outcomes from the project. It can be also downloaded from the RES4BUILD website Results page or here.


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