The operation and testing of the complete RES4BUILD pilot system has begun in order to validate the component and complete system models, evaluate the performance and validate the concept.

The RES4BUILD project has developed both hardware and software components with the aim to install and operate two pilot systems, one in Greece and one in Denmark. This collaboration has involved several of the project partners (NCSR Demokritos, DTI, Thermovault, Vito-Energyville, Psyctotherm, MG Sustainable Engineering and DTU) working on the main components of the two systems - PVT collectors, a multi-source heat pump and a building energy management system.

Each component has been tested individually, with the full combined system design finalised in early October 2021 and installations in both countries completed in early 2022. The project is due to finish in Spring 2023, developing integrated renewable energy-based solutions that are tailored to the needs and requirements of users and installers, in order to decarbonise the energy consumption of buildings. Further progress updates on the testing will be shared on the project website.

The article thumbnail image (copyright NCSR Demokritos) shows the pilot system with water tanks, rooftop PVT and a container room which hosts the BEMS, heat pump, DHW tank and all controls).

Multi-source heat pump installed in Greek pilot (c) NCSR Demokritos

BEMS box installed in Greek pilot (c) NCSR Demokritos

System installed in Denmark (C) DTI

CPVT panels at the integrated prototype setup in Denmark (c) DTI

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