The European Commission, in December 2019, announced the European Green Deal in its bid to become the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050. It is an ambitious package of measures aimed at enabling European citizens and businesses to benefit from a sustainable green transition. 

Several measures are to be introduced, accompanied by a range of key policies to cover from the cutting of emissions to investing in research and innovation, and to preserving our natural environment. The Green Deal will provide economic growth and opportunity by investing in green technologies, sustainable solutions and new businesses. It has been designed with a just and socially fair transition in mind, to ensure it is inclusive and there is buy-in from all citizens across the EU .

Two of the main aspects in the green deal revolve around the high energy consumption of buildings and the large role the production and use of energy account for in the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. Steps resulting in better energy performances of buildings as well as interconnected energy systems and smart integration to empower systems will drive change to address these issues. 

By decarbonising energy consumption in buildings through integrated renewable-energy-based solutions tailored to users’ needs and requirements, RES4BUILD is hoping to contribute to achieving these goals outlined within the Green Deal. RES4BUILD methodologies also involve a co-design of the integrated energy systems, placing user and installer requirements at the heart of the project to ensure its success. Coming up to one year on the project, RES4BUILD look forward to seeing the Green Deal progress, and it will be an exciting four more years of work which will hopefully deliver results in order to assist the sustainable green transition by 2050.

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