After 10 months investigating optimal reflector geometries and receiver materials, RES4BUILD partner MG Sustainable Engineering AB has, together with the University of Gävle, started designing and acquiring the component parts in order to construct the CPVT with novel reflector geometry. Despite some COVID-19 related delays, the prototypes will still be ready to test in a few weeks, meeting the expected RES4BUILD schedule. The prototype solar collectors, which provide both solar heat and electricity from the same area will be tested at both RES4BUILD partners the University of Gävle in Sweden and Demokritos solar laboratory in Greece, allowing the project to collect data in two different climatic zones. 

Project partners are working to improve the performance and reduce the cost of the most innovative components of the RES4BUILD integrated renewable energy-based solutions that will be tailored to the needs and requirements of users and installers. 

For more information on the integrated system, please see:

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