This document aims to provide the specifications and results of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Economics (LCE) of the considered systems in the EU-funded project RES4BUILD, within the objectives set in WP6 – Life cycle analysis and validation of the platform. The defined framework for the LCA and LCE of the technologies serves the environmental and economic assessment of the technologies in WP2 and of the prototype systems in WP5, and is fed with information from the simulations of the integrated technology systems in WP5 for delivering environmental and economic impact of the operational phase.

The LCA is based on the methodology for environmental assessment as described in ISO 14044 and ISO 14040 standards. Additionally the EN 15804+A1, EN 15643 and EN 15978 are considered. The LCE specifications for the economic assessment are based on the VDI 2884, the ISO 15686-5 standard and DIN EN 16627 norm. The impact assessment results are described in detail for the separate technologies and the integrated systems with respect to global warming potential (GWP in kg. CO2 eq.), while the results for the rest of the environmental indicators are presented at the end of the report.

To view the full report visit and find D6.2.

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