Concentrating Photovoltaic Thermal (CPVT) collectors are suitable for integration in limited roof space due to their higher solar conversion efficiency. Solar sunlight can be used more effectively by CPVT collectors in comparison to individual solar thermal collectors or PV modules. In this study, the experimental investigation of a novel CPVT collector called a PC (power collector) has been carried out in real outdoor conditions, and the test set-up has been designed based on ISO 9806:2013. A quasi-dynamic testing method has been used because of the advantages that this method can offer for collectors with a unique construction, such as the proposed collector, over the steady-state testing method. With a quasi-dynamic testing method, it is possible to characterize the collector within a wide range of incidence angles and a complex incidence angle modifier profile. The experimental characterization carried out on the collector proved that the output powers calculated by using the obtained parameters of the quasi-dynamic testing method are in good agreement with experimental points.

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