Nov. 12, 2021
Experimental investigation of a CPVT collector coupled with a wedge PVT receiver

New publication: This new paper presents an experimental investigation of a photovoltaic-thermal solar collector (commonly known as PVT) that generates both electricity and heat from the same gross area.

Nov. 11, 2021
Pilot system installation in Greece started

The installation/assembly of the components, sensors and consumables of the pilot system in Greece (located at NCSRD campus) started began in October 2021.


Nov. 1, 2021
Summary: project videos to date

The RES4BUILD project has produced several short videos explaining the project and some of the main technologies and concepts behind it.

Oct. 18, 2021
Summary: project publications to date

List of the RES4BUILD project articles, publications, proceedings published to date.

Oct. 1, 2021
RES4BUILD at ISES Solar World Congress 2021

The virtual Solar World Congress will take place online during the week of 25-29 October 2021, and highlights innovations and advances over a broad range of themes.