The Polish National Fund for Environmental Protection has, through Regional Funds, been operating the “Clean Air” programme for a few years, directed towards single family building homeowners to replace heat sources and insulate their homes.

The scheme has been recently modified in order to support thermorenovation of a building with implementation of their own integrated PV installation and heat pump. The level of support in the form of grant can reach 90% of justified expenditures and depends on the scope of investment and financial situation of the given family. Local government, such as communes and municipalities, have been included in the implementation of financing.

The scheme allows for phasing-out coal used for heating and reduction of local pollution and GHG emission. The similar scheme is planned to be introduced for multifamily buildings.

RES4BUILD partners BAPE's (Baltic Energy Conservation Agency) are part of WP4 Co-design of integrated energy systems and are running several case studies in Poland in linking integrated energy systems and end users. As part of their work they have developed a brochure on Integrated Energy Systems in the Polish market, with a focus on multi-family buildings:

For more information (in Polish) see:

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